About Us


Petros Pharmaceuticals was founded upon its first, and currently commercialized Men’s Health therapeutic, a distinct molecule in erectile dysfunction, with an aim to continue awareness, education and therapeutic value to the Men’s sexual dysfunction landscape.

In a continued effort to expand its portfolio into other underserved segments, Petros Pharmaceuticals has recently executed a definitive global exclusive licensing agreement for a novel and patented topical formulation candidate for the treatment of Peyronie’s disease.


Petros Pharmaceuticals markets Stendra in the US.

We have since expanded our portfolio by licensing a novel, topical formulation for the treatment of acute Peyronie’s disease (PD), which is currently going through early clinical testing. If approved, it would become
the first and only clinically proven topical, non-invasive treatment for acute PD, a landmark achievement in men’s health.


Today, Petros is actively researching new formulations across several serious men’s health conditions, and will continue to build up its broader portfolio and pipeline. The Petros leadership team hosts extensive experience in the bio-pharmaceutical industry with experience in successful clinical development programs, regulatory approvals, commercial launches and enduring market-leading innovations; many of which were in the Men’s Health marketplace[IW1]. This executive team will also solidify the long-term portfolio aspirations of the organization, with late-stage innovative therapies intended to treat underserved, misunderstood and largely unaddressed Men’s Health conditions.